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Social Media Data Privacy Statement & Conditions of use

Social Media - Data Privacy

This Social Media Channel is provided by Bayer Pharma Aktiengesellschaft (hereinafter „us“ or „we“). For further information regarding the provider of the Social Media Channel, please refer to our imprint.


Handling of personal data

In the following we wish to provide you with information on how we handle your personal data when you use our Social Media Channel. Unless otherwise indicated in the following chapters, the legal basis for the handling of your personal data results from the fact that such handling is required to make available the functionalities of the Social Media Channel requested by you (Art. 6(1)(b) General Data Protection Regulation).


Using our Social Media Channel

Using comment, message or chat functions

You can contact us directly via the comment-, message- or chat-functions available on our Social Media Channel. The information provided by you in this context will exclusively be processed for purposes of responding to you, unless other purposes are indicated in this Privacy Statement.

Using our chatbot on the messenger

With our chatbot on the messenger it is our goal to enable you to make informed decisions about contraception. Therefore, we process your data for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with information in the form of a list of contraception methods that may suit your needs based on your answers in the “which contraception is right for me?” quiz.
  2. To conduct a statistical analysis based on your answers to verify whether the information was useful and to determine whether the information provided has influenced users of our chatbot to change their contraceptive behavior in the future.

Information on your gender and your country location is provided by you on a voluntary basis and the data is used for the above-mentioned statistical analysis only. All data is processed pseudonymized and data is only analyzed when the number of responses is large enough to conduct a statistical analysis. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your consent given within our chatbot on the messenger (Art. 6(1)(a) General Data Protection Regulation).

Information on side effects and quality complaints

This Social Media Channel is not intended or designed for communications regarding undesired side effects, lack of therapeutic effect, medication errors, grey market products/counterfeit medicine, incorrect or off-label use, quality complaints and/or other issues regarding the safeness or quality of Bayer products. If you wish to report side effects or make a quality complaint, please contact your health care professional (e.g. physician or your pharmacist), your local health authority, or use our website for the report of undesirable side effects.

If you nevertheless report to us undesirable side effects or other issues regarding the safeness or quality of Bayer products, we will be legally bound to deal with your communication and may have to may contact you for clarification purposes. Subsequently, we have to notify the competent health authorities of the issues reported by you. In this context, your information may be forwarded in pseudonymised form, i.e. no information by which you may be directly identified will be passed on. We may also have to forward these pseudonymised notifications to our group companies and cooperation partners, to the extent these are likewise obliged to notify their respectively competent health authorities. For more information on data protection and notification of side effects, please consult our pharmacovigilance data privacy policy.

Using a like-button function

Anyone who clicks the "Like"-button sends information to the platform provider, who again provides us with aggregated information about the average age structure, place of residence, gender, language and activity of all users who used the like-button function with regard to our Social Media Channel. At no time do we receive information on individuals. For more details on the data the platform provider collects in this regard, please consult the below referenced privacy statement of the platform provider.


Social Media Management Tool

We use a social media management tool to administrate our account and manage the content we share on our Social Media Channel as well as our visitors’ engagement with us (Art. 6(1)(f) General Data Protection Regulation). For this purpose, any of your engagements with our Social Media Channel (e.g. comments, likes, posts, messages) will be transferred and stored in our social media management tool. 

The social media management tool allows us to analyse the overall engagement of our visitors with our Social Media Channel to e.g.

  • Determine most active visitors
  • Determine sentiment via automated and manual scoring;
  • Identify and profile brand advocates and key influencers;
  • Filter messages to identify and delete spam.


We keep a record of your engagement with us for as long as you keep regularly engaging with us. We delete your record of engagement if you have not engaged with us for more than 2 years.


Recipients of personal data

Commissioned processing 
For the processing of your personal data we will to some extent use specialized service contractors that process your data on our behalf (e.g. for IT-Support or cloud services). 

Such service contractors are carefully selected and regularly monitored by us. Based on respective data processing agreements, they will only process personal data in accordance with our instructions. 

We may share your personal data with our affiliates from the Bayer Group, where necessary for the purposes described above.

Authorities and state institutions 
We may share your personal data with law enforcement agencies or other authorities and state institutions if legally required or necessary for the purposes described above.

External lawyers
In order to support legal decisions and to pursue or defend against legal claims, we may share your personal data with external lawyers.

Prospective buyers in the context of Mergers & Acquisitions
We may share your personal data with a prospective buyer in case of an acquisition, merger or any other type of corporate or asset transition involving a change of ownership or control concerning us or our services.


Processing of personal data by the platform provider

Please note that the platform provider of this Social Media Channel will also process your personal data when you visit our Social Media Channel. For further information, please consult the privacy statement of the platform provider of this Social Media Channel.

Facebook Data Privacy
Instagram Data Privacy
X Data Privacy
YouTube Data Privacy


Information regarding your rights

The following rights are in general available to you according to applicable data privacy laws:

  • Right of information about your personal data stored by us;
  • Right to request the correction, deletion or restricted processing of your personal data;
  • Right to object to a processing based on legitimate interest or public interest, unless we are able to proof that compelling, warranted reasons superseding your interests, rights and freedom exist, or that such processing is done for purposes of the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims;
  • Right to data portability;
  • Right to file a complaint with a data protection authority;
  • Where you have provided your consent to the processing of your personal data, you may at any time withdraw your consent with future effect. Such a withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing prior to the withdrawal.



For any questions you may have with respect to data privacy, or if you wish to exercise your rights, please send us a private message via the message function on our Social Media Channel or contact our company data protection officer at the following address:

Data Privacy Officer
Group Data Protection Officer
Bayer AG
51368 Leverkusen


Amendment of this privacy statement

We may update our Privacy Statement from time to time. Updates of our Privacy Statement will be published on our Social Media Channel. Any amendments become effective upon publication on our Social Media Channel. We therefore recommend that you regularly visit the Social Media Channel to keep yourself informed on possible updates.


Social Media - Conditions of Use

As we are not the owner of the platforms, we ask you to consult the conditions of use of the platform provider of this Social Media Channel. 

Facebook Conditions of Use
Instagram Conditions of Use
X Conditions of Use
YouTube Conditions of Use 

Declaration as of: 2024-05-05


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