Find free access to materials that improve health information for women in developing countries.


Bayer and the Population Council-led Evidence Project released a new package of educational materials that will improve access to health information for women workers in developing countries. The package has information on key issues, including reproductive health and family planning, menstrual hygiene, handwashing, male engagement in family health, and nutrition.

Education at Workplace


Companies can derive many benefits from healthy workers – from higher productivity and morale to better worker-manager relations. But these benefits only occur at workplaces that make worker health and health promotion a priority. Experience in workplaces has indicated a clear need for easy-to-access, on-demand health information materials. Ours make it easy for workplaces to access and print materials themselves onsite and on demand.

These materials are based on existing health educational message that have been adapted and designed specifically for workplaces and their workers. As women increasingly comprise a large portion of the formal workforce, the education package focuses largely on women’s health issues. But it also includes male engagement in family health, nutrition and handwashing.