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World Contraception Day 2018 - Boom boom bang

Posted on: September 24, 2018

Every year, World Contraception Day (WCD) encourages young people all over the globe to speak openly about sex and birth control. We want you to make your own decisions about your body, your life and your future.

This year, it’s all about you taking charge… and it starts right now. In our new video, you get to choose how the story will go. 


Channel your inner “desiranimal”

Let’s be honest, sex is on everyone’s mind most of the time. So on this year’s World Contraception Day, we’re dedicating a special video to our animal instincts. We’ve even given them faces and names: say hello to Miss and Mister Boom Boom!

Boom Boom Boosters

How was your date with the Boom Booms? Did you enjoy making your own choices? Get used to it. With these three tips by our “desiranimals”, you’ll be able to take even more control of your life:

1) Take your time

Having trouble figuring out what to do? Keep in mind that nobody gets to put pressure on you. Whatever choice you have to make, be sure to take all the time you need to weigh your options.

2) The more you know…

Making your own decisions can be quite challenging. So it’s best to get your facts straight before Miss or Mister Boom Boom take over. This is particularly important when it comes to contraception. If you’re unsure which method is right for you, take our quiz or learn more about your options here.

3) You’re in charge but you’re not alone

The Boom Booms encourage you to make your own choices. But nobody says you have to do it on your own. Be it decisions involving your career, your love life or your body, don’t feel ashamed to talk openly about your thoughts and wishes. If you have questions about sex and contraception, your healthcare provider is a trustworthy person to talk to.

WCD – what’s it all about?

Celebrated in more than 70 countries globally, World Contraception Day is the official day dedicated to raising awareness for sexual rights and birth control. Since the first WCD in 2003, our aim has been to help each new generation of young people make informed decisions, for a world where every pregnancy is wanted.  Today, fifteen international partners support World Contraception Day, all with a joint interest in the sexual and reproductive health of young people. Learn more about WCD’s mission here.


A coalition of international partners with an interest in sexual and reproductive health