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Holiday love: How you’ll know if it’s meant to last

Posted on: August 06, 2018

The sun is out, the days are long and it feels as if summer will go on forever. No wonder so many are falling in love in this special season. But what happens when the weather changes?

We’ve put together a set of questions to help you find out if what you have is a summer fling or a relationship for all seasons:

Holiday Love

Are you having fun on rainy days, too?

All is well as long as the sun is shining. Possibilities seem endless for you and your new crush. Boredom? Impossible. But what happens if the weather causes your plans to fall through? If you still find lots of things to do and talk about, you might have found yourself a keeper.

Do your friends see potential?

Summertime and holidays are not like everyday life. While you might be spending every waking minute with your new crush now, there’ll be more people wanting a slice of your time and attention when school starts again – and no, not just teachers. So find out upfront what your friends think of your new love. You don’t need their approval but they can help you see things without rose-colored glasses.

Do you talk about the future?

Living in the moment is wonderful, especially when you’re in love. But sometimes a little planning ahead can show you how your partner sees your relationship. Are there events in the not-so-near future you want to go to together? Have you talked about what happens after the holidays? If that hasn’t been part of your conversations while looking into the summery sunset, you might have to think twice about how autumn-proof your new love is. 

Can you also spend time apart?

Sure, in the beginning every minute spent apart seems like a waste of time. But there’ll come a time when you’ll need your space, be it for friends, school or simply to have some time to yourself. Do you think your new significant other can handle it? The best couples are those who are great together, but independent enough to enjoy some time apart as well.

Can you talk openly about sex and contraception?

Getting to know someone new can be exciting and, let’s be honest, quite sexy. But before things get too hot, you should make sure that you’re feeling safe with this new person. The same goes for protection from STIs. And, if the two of you don’t plan on becoming parents right away, it’s important that you discuss contraception openly and agree on a method that works for both of you. After that, you are good to go. All summer long, and probably even longer.   


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