October 18th, 2010Stuart HeritageStuart Heritage's story on Metablog

The First EVER Metablog

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever YTF metablog. Every month I’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the various members of the World Contraception Day Youth Task Force while desperately trying to make my long, flat, eventless life seem somehow more exciting than it actually is. It’ll be fun!

Keep reading and you’ll soon feel like you know all of us. Or you’ll grow to resent us all for our glamourous jet-set lifestyles. One or the other. Let’s go!

This month: Brooke Brodack, Diana Angel and Claire Oelkers (and me, a bit).

First: Brooke Brodack! This is a big month for Brooke—she’s finally moving from the East Coast of America to LA which, if the picture she sent to me is any indication, she believes is full of giant unicorns and dancing bananas. Nobody correct her. The truth would break her heart.

In other Brooke news, she’s got a part in a Studio8 [] pilot that’ll be shown on Comedy Central in October, and I think she also tried and failed to kill a skunk. I don’t know how, but I sort of hope it was with her bare hands.

Next: Diana Angel! Being the exciting media-straddling sensation that she is, Diana has been combining her acting and music work—she’s in Argentina making a Colombian film AND getting her new single Manos Vacias played all across national radio—while being a mother to her five-year-old son. By the way, if you haven’t seen the video to Manos Vacias, it’s on Diana’s website [] and also right here..

My Spanish isn’t very good but, from watching the video, I’m pretty sure that “Manos Vacias” translates into English as “Robots are EVIL and they will DESTROY YOUR CLOTHES.” But I could be wrong.

Third: Claire Oelkers! Now that it’s festival season, Claire is getting ready to zoom around Germany winning thousands of new Karpatenhund fans with every single performance. Depending on when you read this, she’s either played or is playing Teichrock [/] and the Music Zone festival []. And she’s getting ready to move to New York for a few months in September, too. It’s no big deal, she’s been there before....


Credit: Claudia Bahn
Credit: Claudia Bahn

So Claire is moving from Germany to New York, Brooke is moving from New York to LA and Colombian Diana is in Argentina. Are you keeping track of all this? Good, because I’ll be testing you on this later.

And finally: me! I’ve got a new weekly feature in The Guardian where I get to be rude about film trailers. I’ve also been busy judging an online talent show for rocks, which basically makes me Simon Cowell. And if that wasn’t enough, German TV superstar Nina Moghaddam—who moderated last year’s WCD press conference—also visited London, so I got to hang out with her and stuff. Look, there’s photographic proof and everything.

Next month: learn all about Mia Lee, Denise Keller and Phelipe Cruz. Exciting!