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This area is for parents, teachers and healthcare providers. It provides information, advice and materials to assist with contraception education and dialogues.


    There comes a time when all children become adults, even your own. It happens fast and it’s sometimes as confusing for them as it is for the parents and teachers around them. And with so much at stake, unplanned pregnancies and STIs, it’s important the message is not just loud and clear, but also understood and accepted. It’s important to not only understand your role in this, but also how they are feeling emotionally, socially and intellectually.


    So you’re approaching the time where you need to have the talk, it’s snuck up on you and you’re feeling a little bit unprepared, right? Below you’ll find some links that will help you to approach the subject in a level and honest way so everyone involved feels comfortable and nothing gets too awkward. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and remember how you felt at that age.

    Contraception Educational Material for Parents
    Contraception Educational Material for Teacher


    You’ve got a room full of kids who are full of raging hormones and you’re about to say the word sex? Before you do, take a deep breath and download these materials that might just help you to keep a lid of the teenage craziness and keep them engaged, entertained and ultimately educated on all the important bits.


    Put the information you want your teenage patients to see right in front of their eyes, in your waiting room. We’ve got a whole load of different posters, infographics and flyers for you to download and use to educate as well as brighten your practice up.

    Contraception Educational Material for Doctors
    Contraception Educational Material for Teens


    The Teen Outreach Pack has been developed to help support the aims of World Contraception Day (WCD), a global campaign targeting teenagers and young adults which encourages them to take responsibility for contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STIs.